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Pet Sitter Serving Corrales & Albuquerque, New Mexico

Animal Care

dog care


Feeding, exercise and care are essential for your dogs health and happiness. There is not a universal diet for every single dog in the world. Our dogs are very much like us – unique and in need of a tailored diet and nutrition plan.

cat care


We've all heard the same thing about cats being seemingly detached and independent from their owners, needing very little attention. This may be true in some aspects, but only to an extent. Yes, it’s correct that cats can appear to be distant from their human every now and then. Yes, it’s completely accurate to say that they are fairly self-sufficient in their own right.

bird care


Aren't birds beautiful with their vibrant feathers and elegant wing movements? Of course. They’re also very intelligent, with sharp minds and excellent communication skills. Since birds are naturally social and in dire need of endless affection, daily interaction and conducted exercise are both fundamental in developing their overall mental and physical well-being.

reptile care


Would you prefer to own a nontraditional pet? Maybe you have plenty of extra time (and cash) to care for a more exotic creature. Before you head over to the nearest pet store or reptile breeder, there are many distinct components to acquaint yourself with. Since reptiles are so unique, a special set of responsibilities and guidelines accompany the separate species. You should be well-informed in what they will need to remain healthy, such as their food and space requirements. .


Small Pets

Diverse needs depending on species, small pets are often the most delicate.

livestock animals


We are experienced with non-commercial livestock needs.

Big Or Small, I Care For Them All!

Pat's Critter Sitter's
Albuquerque, NM 87107

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