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Pet Sitter Serving Rio Rancho, Corrales, & Albuquerque, New Mexico

Loving Services

A very high level of caring, integrity and professionalism is brought to each and every one of my jobs. You can feel comfort in knowing that every pet and home is treated like it is my own. My hope is that you will be confident that your fur baby is being looked after with the same commitment and love that you give to them yourselves daily.


By now, you already know how important it is that your pet engage in regular exercise and activity. Regrettably, as pet owners, we can sometimes become pressed for time due to work and other life events. When you have a little too much on your plate to fit in your pet’s daily walk, I will step in to ensure the job gets done! Not only will the exercise and fresh air help to reduce your pet’s anxiety, but they will have fun exploring the world (or just the neighborhood) with me.

It is my top priority to guarantee that your pet has an enjoyable experience. If your pet has a favorite spot to frolic, I will make sure that they are taken there. If they do not have a preference, we can always discover a new area together! Remember, a habitual walking routine translates to a cheerful pet. And don’t worry – I have the necessary skills to deal with any type of situation that may arise while on our walk.


Playing with your little friends is as essential as it is joyful. Our pets crave interaction, and playtime with them is rewarding to both you and me. It may seem easy to brush off, but playing with your pet can enhance their health dramatically. Leisure is crucial for the overall physical and mental welfare of our four-legged buddies. Additionally, the attention received contributes to improved behavior, aggression and anxiety.

Games like tug of war can be challenging in several ways, and the little things like that can be the keys to your pet’s happiness. Every human being needs that special time to let loose, and we must not forget that our fur babies do as well. And there is no question about it – your pet and I will have tons of fun!


Ensuring your pet is given the best quality food should be a top concern. Whether it be a uniquely prepared menu or a reputable formula from the store, it is always a good idea to invest in and commit to a well balanced diet. On the other hand, it is a bad idea to feed human food to your pet. If you are unsure of what to do in this department, you should always heed the recommendations of your veterinarian.

Please inform me of what your pet eats and how much of a portion they should receive. It is also critical that I know of any dietary restrictions. Every pet is different, and I fully recognize that their diets are tailored to each of their particular needs.


It is correct that your pets do a great deal to keep themselves nice and groomed, but they definitely require our assistance with brushing. Routine brushing helps to eliminate extra hair, and in turn, will decrease the amount of shedding on your furniture and clothes. In addition to making fur maintenance easier, it is an excellent bonding experience. You may even discover anything unusual early on, such as ticks or lumps.

You might be unable to find the time to do it yourself, or your pet’s hair might just be a little difficult to manage. Whatever the case may be, my skills can immediately be put to use. I will be gentle and take my time. Your best friend will love its brushing! I’ll brush your pet to its full beauty. Not only will your pet look beautiful, but it will be relaxed and happy while looking good. If your pet looks great, they most likely feel great too!


It seems like there are very few things that bring as much delight to our lives than our pet’s affection. They love us unconditionally and continually shower us with adoration. Shouldn’t we return the favor? The answer to that is yes, and daily! Owners are doubtlessly the center of their pet’s universe, even though we may not always realize it.

The truth is that nothing makes our fuzzy companions happier than quality time with their humans. Often, all it takes is love and cuddles. Believe me when I say cuddle time is the best time for both me and your pet! These special moments will lower stress, boost positivity and have them feeling fantastic.

Clean Up

Most of us can agree that cleaning up after your pet is not the most enjoyable part of being their owner. As undesirable as it may sometimes seem, it is a part of ownership and responsibility that can not be neglected. The environment you are living in with your family and pets is only healthy when it is clean.

Just as your fur babies may make a mess when they’re with you, they may very well do so when they are with me. Under my care, any disarray or waste that they might leave behind will be picked up and tidied before you return home. You can be certain that you will find your home as clean as you left it. Whether it be excess hair, dirty fur or a restroom accident, I will take care of it all! Your home is in good hands, just as your pet is.


Does your pet need to take medication? There is no need to feel anxious about your buddy not receiving the proper treatment when they are with me. I am happy to administer any medication to your pet that has been prescribed by a licensed veterinarian. Pat’s Critter Sitters knows that some fur babies may take medication routinely, while others may just be sick and need to get better. Whatever the situation may be, I will make sure that your pet is being well remedied.

Is there a certain method in which your pet prefers to receive their treatment? There is no reason to be concerned about that, either. All that you need to do is give us the directions, and inform us of any other precautions to take. These special instructions will be completed with caution and care. Your pet deserves the best, and you deserve to feel comfortable in knowing that we will provide that to them.


Please let me know who your pet’s primary veterinarian is, their regular clinic and any other preexisting medical conditions prior to the sitting. In doing so, I can be aware of where to take your little friend in case of any emergencies. Additionally, I can be conscious of any symptoms they may suffer due to their possible condition.

In the event of crisis, I’ll see that your pet is promptly taken to the vet, and I’ll be with them for reassurance and support every single moment. You should not feel tense wondering if your fuzzy buddy is being well cared for while traveling or at work. We will always step in and put forth that extra effort to ensure that your mind is at ease.

Big Or Small, I Care For Them All!

Pat's Critter Sitter's
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