Pat's Critter Sitter's
4600 Greene St
Albuquerque, NM 87114
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Pats Pet Sitter

Pet Sitter Serving Rio Rancho, Corrales, & Albuquerque, New Mexico

Loving Services

I bring my level of caring, integrity and professionalism to all my jobs. I treat every pet and home like it is my own. My hope is that you will be confident that your "fur baby" is being looked after with the same commitment and love that you give them yourselves.


Exercise and fresh air will help reduce any anxiety your pet may feel. Your dog and I will explore the world (or the neighborhood!) together.


Your pet and I will have fun!


It is important to give your pet the best quality food and balanced nutrition based on your veterinarian's recommendations. Do not give your pets human food and check with their regular veterinarian about any major changes in their diet.


I’ll brush your pet to its full beauty. Not only will your pet look beautiful, but it will be relaxed and happy while looking good!


Cuddle time is the best time for both me and your pet.

Clean Up

When you return home, you’ll find your home as clean as your left it.


We are happy to administer any medication to your pets that has been prescribed by a lisenced veternarian. Special instructions will be completed with care.


No problem. In the event of any emergency, I’ll promptly see that your pet is taken to the vet. And I’ll be with your pet for reassurance and support every moment.

Big Or Small, I Care For Them All!

Pat's Critter Sitter's
4600 Greene St
Albuquerque, NM 87114

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