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Cat Care


We've all heard the same thing about cats being seemingly detached and independent from their owners, needing very little attention. This may be true in some aspects, but only to an extent. Yes, it’s correct that cats can appear to be distant from their human every now and then. Yes, it’s completely accurate to say that they are fairly self-sufficient in their own right. And yes, in comparison to dogs, they are considerably less time-consuming when it comes to fostering. Despite all of those truths, cats still need constant human interaction to feel at ease and loved. They need to know they are able to rely on you for the most essential of caring tasks, beginning with feeding.

Your feline friends generally prefer to eat 2-3 small meals of the best quality cat food daily. The amino acid, Taurine, is required for your cat in order to promote good health. It is extremely important they get it in their diet! You must keep in mind that although they don’t feel the need to drink nearly as much water as dogs do, it is important to keep them properly hydrated at all times. One way to ensure they consume the appropriate amount of water everyday is to feed them wet food. Another method is to invest in a pet fountain. The sound of fresh, moving water can encourage your kitty to drink water more often than they normally would have.

How much your cat should eat and drink depends on several factors, including age, health and even lifestyle! If you are unsure about any of these elements, you should highly consider consulting your veterinarian.


Generally speaking, cats do not require baths often as they self-groom and naturally remain clean. However, you should still be attentive and able to recognize when the occasional bathing and claw trimming may be necessary. Frequent brushing will help to keep your cat’s shedding under control. Other benefits of brushing include avoiding unhealthy coats and skin, removing mats and reducing hairballs. Even though they are fully capable of doing it themselves, grooming can be a special bonding experience with your kitty. Additionally, you gain the advantage of finding any kind of body irregularities early on.

At the end of the day, clean cats are happy cats! While you may not need to be involved in your cat’s usual grooming activities, a little help from their owner definitely goes a long way. Always remember that even the friendliest cats can be unpredictable when it comes to being groomed. If your kitty resists your grooming attempts, please contact an experienced groomer or veterinarian to assist in that department. Potential injury to yourself or your cat can surely be prevented this way.


Cats are curious by nature, and will undoubtedly roam your entire home. Just as you prefer to have your own room in your abode, your feline needs an area to call their own. Although they are already very tidy, lend them a hand in keeping their area nice and neat by cleaning and washing it regularly.

As far as litter boxes go, each cat must have one of their very own. If your home is multistory, it is suggested to keep a minimum of one litter box on each floor. The litter box must be kept near and accessible to your cat at all times to make certain that they have a place to do their business and to avoid accidents. It is suggested that you do not move the location of your cat’s litter box. If you absolutely have to, don’t move it too far from where your cat is used to seeing it, or move it slowly each day to assist your cat in the transition. There will certainly be an awful smell looming if you do not clean and maintain it weekly or more as necessary. Another thing that can contribute to that potential smell is your cat refusing to use that foul-smelling litter box and making another restroom area for itself.

This can not be stressed enough – Your cat may seem to seek your support rarely, but they still depend on you to aid them in significant tasks such as the ones mentioned above. Before anything else, they entrust you to provide them with your full love and attention. When these essentials are taken care of, you’ll be sure to develop a loving relationship with your cat.

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