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There is not a universal diet for every single dog in the world. Our dogs are very much like us – unique and in need of a tailored diet and nutrition plan. When it comes to the appetite of your dog, the age and size will play a huge role in how much they actually eat. You may already know that puppies require much more care than older dogs in order to properly grow. Furthermore, smaller dogs may need to consume more calories for energy than larger dogs.

Before they turn one year old, puppies should have 3-4 meals daily. After they turn one year old, it is suggested to begin feeding your dog only one meal daily, unless recommended otherwise by your veterinarian. In order to ensure that your dog receives the best nutritional balance, they must be fed the best quality dry food. Their dry food can also be mixed with water and canned food to add moisture to their diet, or just to include some variety for their enjoyment.

It is important to resist the urge to feed your dog human food. Although the effects tend to be different for every dog, it may cause them to fall very ill. Certain human food in small amounts can be fine, and even beneficial to your dog’s health! For example, fried eggs, cottage cheese, and certain fruits and vegetables will promote a healthy lifestyle for your dog. Above all else, your best four-legged friend must always have access to fresh water in order to stay happy, hydrated and healthy!


One way to guarantee that your pooch remains joyful is to ensure they regularly engage in the necessary amount of activities. Daily exercise is, and will always be, essential for the well-being of your dog. Yes, it’s natural for your furry friend to be sleepier than you and take many naps throughout the day. However, when they are awake, lack of physical and mental activity can lead to disastrous results such as health or behavior problems. These are issues that we should always strive to prevent.

The amount of exercise your dog needs depends on certain factors such as breed, size, sex and age. It can seem like a chore when ironing out all the kinks, but an active lifestyle develops good behaviors in dogs that prevent them from becoming aggressive or destructive. Everyone gets busy and caught up in life from time to time, and that’s where we step in to lend your pup a paw! Your fur baby will be well stimulated with us, and will surely want to come back for a visit.


Would you trust someone to groom you regularly for the entirety of your life? Probably not. Our dogs have no choice but to trust us with this vital task, and we must not take it lightly. They must be bathed, brushed and cleaned as needed. Like all other aspects of caring for your dog, the amount of grooming varies from one dog to the next. For instance, long-haired dogs obviously need more attention in this department.

This does not mean that short-haired dogs should be left out of grooming activities as they tend to shed more frequently! The truth is that there is no way to prohibit your canine from shedding all over the place, but routine brushing can aid in lessening the amount of hair in your home. As far as bathing is concerned, it is advised to do so at least once every three months. Keep in mind that some dogs may require additional baths due to getting dirty outside or skin conditions. When you are grooming, make sure to comb out all the mats that are in your dog’s coat.

Your pup must be in a comfortable environment when being tended to, just like you need to feel relaxed when getting pampered at the salon. Although some dogs may be nervous or anxious during grooming, it’s always best to remain patient with them. They’ll love you more for it!

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