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Livestock Care


Tending to livestock can easily become an overly challenging and demanding task if you do not take the time to learn the basics. Obviously, every animal will have their different needs. Nonetheless, there are still necessities that are fairly common and can pertain to all livestock. To begin with, feeding your animals is going to be expensive. Just as it is high in price, it should be high in priority.

A sufficient amount of water is essential to your livestock’s overall well-being. It should be noted that plenty of water will fill up your animals that are to be milked, which means that they will not need to be fed as much. One important thing to remember is that water actually helps manage your animals’ body temperature. For this reason, it is a good idea to serve your livestock warmer water in the cooler seasons and colder water in the warmer seasons. Don’t forget to make sure that their water is fresh and clean daily!

As with any other animal, your livestock’s health is dependent on receiving the proper nutrients. Each breed will, of course, have their own diet requirements. Some people find it easier to just provide their livestock with forages. However, a more thought out nutrition plan, including minerals and protein, can be much more beneficial. You will need to feed your animals more during the colder periods to maintain their body temperature. Keep in mind that adequate portions of food must be constantly presented, no matter what the season may be.


Another major key to caring for livestock is providing the proper shelter. Some may think that livestock can be kept outside at all times. This is not true as they will need suitable housing for nights and the colder seasons. For example, if your animals must produce milk, their teats are especially sensitive to the cold. They might freeze, and this will lead to a reduced production of milk. In addition to keeping them comfortable and healthy, appropriate shelter will also aid your livestock in being more pleasant, effective and composed.

Your animals can be difficult to maintain and raise if you don’t secure many acres for them. They should always be fenced in and unable to escape. Worst case scenario is that they break out and roam free out in the countryside, potentially wreaking havoc on your neighbors and random bystanders! Depending on the type of livestock you are raising, it will be costly to purchase all the necessary gear and tack in order to train your pet well. If you have plenty of animals, it is imperative that they have more than enough room to remain cozy and the air remains breathable. Additionally, the shelter must be kept clean at all times.


Livestock are prone to be wild, and this should come as no surprise to anyone. This rough attitude of theirs can make it hard to bond with your animals, but it is not impossible. Training your livestock will be tough but beneficial in combating aggressive tendencies. Another way to contribute to decreasing hostile habits is to make certain your animals receive the best nutrition and shelter that you are able to supply.

It is considered advantageous to add a livestock guardian dog to your farm or land. There are several qualities in a dog that must be evaluated before bringing it in. These traits include, but are not limited to, the dog’s working origin and managing the partnership you will have with them. Other duties involve maintaining the dog’s health and constantly reinforcing their behaviors.

Consult a local large animal veterinarian to confirm that you are raising your livestock well, and in the right environment they need to function properly.

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